written by Ann

Charlize Theron Promotes “The Burning Plain”

CharlizeTheron was present at the Venice Film Festival. She was helping to promote her movie, “The Burning Plain.” Theron has the leading role of a mysterious restaurant manager working in Oregon, who has skeletons in her closet because of a past. She is forced to confront her past when a stranger arrived from Mexico. Theron said that she was influenced by the landscape of her on-location movie shoot. She said that the movie, The Burning Plain, was a journey of self-discovery for her character.

Charlize Theron

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  • Charlize was great in the movie – 2 days in the valley.

  • I want the dress she is wearing.

  • Charlize is an incredibly good looking woman. Just as beautiful as she was three years ago, if not more.

    I also like what she has on, but I can’t see it on me. Definitely made for her height and body shape.