written by Wanda

Cheryl Cole And Her Killer Legs Leaving A Salon In LA

Now those are some nice stems. I love these photos of a very leggy Cheryl Cole leaving a salon in LA because they’re just nice, casual shots that show off her beauty without making it look like she’s trying too hard. I don’t care for candid shots that look like they were staged or look like the celebrity in them starts trying to turn on the sexy as soon as they notice the cameras. Cheryl doesn’t do that here. She’s just going about her business, looking sexy as she does it. I love the outfit she’s wearing. It’s casual and breezy but still shows off those killer legs. Great pics of a very gorgeous woman.

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  • she looks well good, nice legs, in the nice weather all the fit ladies are out showing off their bodies and legs , even when its not that great you have women dressing sexy when its nice weather, girls dress even hotter