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Cheryl Cole Returns To UK

Cheryl Cole arrived at Los Angeles International Airport to catch her flight back into the UK. She has to face the music from her estranged marriage to Ashley Cole. Cheryl has lost weight over the recent spate of events that suggested her husband was unfaithful to her. She went away on holiday with her girlfriends and then to attend some functions in LA. Ashley was said to be anxious to patch up their marriage. I hope they can put the past behind them and get together again.

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Tweedy 1.jpg Los Angeles International Airport Ashley Cole Cheryl Tweedy 4.jpg Cheryl Tweedy 5.jpg Cheryl Tweedy 6.jpg Cheryl Tweedy 7.jpg Cheryl Tweedy 8.jpg Cheryl Tweedy 9.jpg Cheryl Tweedy 10.jpg Cheryl Tweedy 11.jpg Cheryl Tweedy 12.jpg Cheryl Tweedy 13.jpg Cheryl Tweedy 14.jpg Cheryl Tweedy 15.jpg

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  • Such a simple look but I really thing those jeans coupled with the high heels and jacket is so sexy.


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