written by irene

Cheryl Cole Showing Off Her Nipples

She may not be blessed with “generous” boobs but Cheryl Cole is still proud to wear a top that shows off her stiff nipples. (Maybe it was cold then when these photos were taken? Just a guess!) Cheryl was in London and was photographed wearing a blue tank top that was too thin for her own (and her own nipples’?) good. Funny thing is, Cheryl later on realized that her nipples were obvious and she tried to cover her breasts! Hmm… too late for that! Check the photos out!

Cheryl Cole nipples

Cheryl Cole boobs Cheryl Cole in London Cheryl Cole wearing blue shirt Cheryl Cole 4.jpg Cheryl Cole 5.jpg Cheryl Cole 6.jpg Cheryl Cole 7.jpg Cheryl Cole 8.jpg Cheryl Cole 9.jpg Cheryl Cole 10.jpg Cheryl Cole 11.jpg Cheryl Cole 12.jpg Cheryl Cole 13.jpg Cheryl Cole 14.jpg Cheryl Cole 15.jpg


  • nipples .. gotta love this word lol

  • I think she has great tits and nipples and she’s very beautiful.

  • you have got a lovely pair cheryle nice nipples

  • shes hardly got any boobs left now since shes lost so much weight

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  • Cheryl’s breasts are well proportioned for her frame. Whoever suggested she should get a boob job has been overly-exposed to women having their breasts surgically enhanced to kingdom come.

    Fucking a woman ‘so hard’?/destroying her?: a woman is not a robot. Her vagina is not made of steel. Learn how to treat it and her properly.

  • Not generous enough for you? They’re absolutely perfect for her figure.

  • Cheryl’s got a gorgeous figure and everything is the right size for her. Besides, contrary to popular belief, not every bloke wants a girl with huge boobs. As long as they stay as God intended, then that’s good enough for me. She’s also a lovely girl and Ashley’s a moron for what he’s done.

  • Bazza, I agree – Cheryl has a nice figure, but she looks quite thin there. Those pics were taken in 2008. She’s since put on more weight and looks healthier, which is great.

    And Ashley was an asshole. He was never right for her. They probably lasted as long as they did because she kept on forgiving him. Thank God she’s moved on.

  • Gorgeous girl. Great that she hasn’t had a boob job but it’s a shame she’s ruined that lovely body with so many awful tattoo’s.

  • Swingfan, I don’t think she has that many tattoos, has she? Only two come to mind: the one on her thigh and the one on her finger. I don’t think that’s excessive. Plus they don’t look too bad. I mean I’ve seen much much worse looking ones on other celebrities. Hers look quite nice in comparison.

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