written by irene

Cheryl Cole The Bedimpled Beauty

Is it just me or has Cheryl Cole turned really reed thin? This girl group “Girls Aloud” member, quite a bedimpled charmer I must say, was recently seen strutting her stuff wearing this number – ultra body hugging skinny jeans and small, small, small top that has made her look like a kindergarten pupil. Yikes! The Chelsea and England footballer Ashley Cole’s wife graciously greeted some fans and signed a couple of autographs. Aww, so nice of her! What do you think of Cheryl Cole’s new look?

Cheryl Cole

skinny Cheryl Cole Cheryl Cole signs skinny jeans Cheryl Cole 4.jpg Cheryl Cole 5.jpg beauty Cheryl Cole 7.jpg Cheryl Cole 8.jpg Cheryl Cole in public

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