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Cheryl Cole’s Beautiful Dress

These Cheryl Cole pictures were snapped when she was leaving Nobu Berkeley Restaurant, in London. She wore one of those beautiful bandage style dresses. The dress wrapped around her tightly and she showed off her beautiful cleavage. Cheryl was escorted out by an un-identified man. She smiled broadly for the cameras. She had omitted to wear her wedding ring to tell everyone that she was still working on her marriage.

Cheryl Cole

Nobu Berkeley Restaurant Cheryl Cole in London wrapped dress Cheryl Cole 4.jpg Cheryl Cole 5.jpg Cheryl Cole 6.jpg Cheryl Cole 7.jpg Cheryl Cole 8.jpg Cheryl Cole 9.jpg Cheryl Cole 10.jpg Cheryl Cole 11.jpg Cheryl Cole 12.jpg Cheryl Cole showing off  cleavage Cheryl Cole 14.jpg Cheryl Cole 15.jpg Cheryl Cole 16.jpg Cheryl Cole 17.jpg Cheryl Cole 18.jpg


  • Grrr what a great cleavage Cheryl has. I think Ashley Cole is one lucky man to have Cheryl Tweedy as his significant other.

  • I saw her profile on the dating site ” “few days ago..she’s perfect all the same..I will paste this pic in my blog on And as a part-time model, I uploaded my best photos, the members there said I am amazing. here are many people like me. interested in?Just search the username, you may want to check them first.

  • The unidentified man is her tour manager. They’re not dating. He’s seen everywhere with her band.

  • Yes, I think it’s Sam Lutfi, Britney Spears’ ex manager.

  • It’s not Sam Lutfi. I remember him, and he doesn’t look as guy above.

  • The guy is not Sam. If I ever get the name, I’ll write it here. Thanks for the interest.

  • Does anyone know where cheryl cole got this dresss or if u can get one similar anywhere else

  • the name of the guy is Drew and he is the girls’ tour manager. Check Girls Aloud Off The Record dvd and see it for yourself

  • willy the kid get over yourself you asshole

  • Cheryl looks stunning here, Cheryl is great i really like her and all her pics are nice

  • she is stunning and that dress is nice, great pics of this babe


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