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Cheryl Tweedy Beauty Queen

Here is Cheryl Tweedy as she leaves Sketch following the launch of her new beauty and cosmetics line. Yep, she’s a true rags to riches story. Who would thought this former lowly waitress would one day be a hit singer and beauty queen as well? Probably not her, but this is why they call ‘em dreams, and its why it only happens to the lucky few. But Cheryl has been lit with not only the lucky stick, but the beauty one as well which she is capitalizing on with her new cosmetics line. Smart, pretty, talented, you almost want to hate her, but she kind of looks too cute to hate. Oh and that pendant! Love love!

Cheryl Tweedy Beauty Queen

Cheryl Tweedy Beauty Queen Cheryl Tweedy Beauty Queen Cheryl Tweedy Beauty Queen Cheryl Tweedy Beauty Queen Cheryl Tweedy Beauty Queen

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