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Chloe Sims And Her Enormous Boobs

Here’s my problem with Chloe Sims. She’s a gorgeous girl but at this point, has the plastic surgery not gone a little far?This lady is another member of the cast of ‘The Only Way is Essex’ and I really didn’t know who she was when I first looked at these pictures, but the first thing I thought when I looked at these pictures was, my heavens – those lips and those boobs. After a little research, I found out she has admitted to having work done on her lips, her boobs and her teeth as well as getting a little Botox. Here in Marbella, Spain, she looks good, but it’s hard to look at her without wondering what she originally looked like. I normally don’t say anything about plastic surgery because I’m pretty okay with it, but this woman is beautiful. Let’s hope she stops messing with her face before she winds up looking like a cartoon character.


  • Really? They don’t look that huge to me. I’ve seen bigger. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with her breast size – it’s just that I looked at the post title and I was expecting HUGE. For her body shape and size, they don’t look over the top to me.

  • From a distance, she looks attractive, but up close, her lips look like they’re in pain and her eyes look a bit strange (I don’t know if she’s had something done on her eyes).

    The shame is that she probably looked perfectly fine before she had the surgery done and was probably prettier.

  • nice tits thx bro

  • Her face looks like a freaking barbie doll face. I mean she does not look attractive at all. She has had way too much work done. I have nothing against plastic surgery but only get so much done because too much will only make you look fake.