written by Wanda

Chloe Sims Is A Stunning Bikini Clad Beauty

Ah, how embarrassing. I absolutely love it when there is more than one celebrity out there with the same name and I get them confused. I especially love it when readers catch my mistake before I do. I humbly apologize for being a tool. This Chloe Sims is not, in fact, the gymnast. This Chloe Sims is a cast member onĀ The Only Way is Essex, a show I am clearly not familiar enough with. In fact, the two Chloes look nothing alike at all. I thought the pretty gymnast had changed her looks a lot here in these photos but shrugged it off. Thanks to rkbarber96 for pointing out the mistake and not being a jerk about it. It’s much appreciated.


  • Not sure where you’re getting your information from, but Chloe Sims is no Australian gymnast…she’s from The Only Way Is Essex with Amy Childs!

    Look at her, she’s not exactly gymnast shape is she!? Plus 22 is very kind, she’s 31!

    • Ugh. I’m such a moron sometimes. Thanks for calling attention to my error. I’ve corrected the post. I have seen gymnast Chloe perform a few times and read the name and assumed it was the same person. When I Wikied the name for confirmation, the gymnast was the only name that came up. Should’ve stuck to Google.

  • Apologies if it did seem like I was being a jerk, I’ve never actually commented before and so wasn’t expecting a response! An easy mistake to make, it’s very easy to be reliant on Wikipedia! :)

    • You didn’t sound like a jerk at all. You were very polite. I can’t blame it entirely on Wiki though. I assumed from her name that she was the same Chloe Sims even though they look nothing alike. Silly mistake, but hey – mistakes is how we learn. Thanks again for calling my attention to it so I could fix it.

  • ^ You’re saying she’s from The only way is Essex like it’s something to be proud of.

  • In what way have I said that in any way? Why would anyone say that in any way?