written by Wanda

Christina Aguilera Flashback: Sexy Rolling Stone Pictures From 2003

I know people like to give Christina Aguilera a hard time about gaining weight but I’ve always thought she was gorgeous, regardless of her body type. There’s just something about her I find incredibly appealing. That something is on full display in these photos from Rolling Stone magazine (June 2003). First, I love the nipple rings peeking through the shirt. Maybe it’s a little trashy but Christina was going through her trashy phase back then and I always felt it worked for her. She really owned the super sexual image she fostered and I always got the feeling she was in control. I found that incredibly sexy. I find it incredibly sexy in these photos as well. I have to admit I don’t love the black hair but it was an interesting experiment. I’m glad she didn’t stick with it long though.

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  • she is hot, her and justin would be such a hot couple