written by Wanda

Christina Aguilera Leaked Private Photos

Attention all celebrities – this is an important message from the writers here at HQ-Celebrity. Stop taking you freakin’ clothes off, taking pictures of yourself with your clothes off and expecting them not to hit the damn internet. They will hit the internet. It’s just the law of reason, folks. And hey, since we all know you’re not going to learn from the mistakes of those who have gone before you, can you please do us all a favor and stop whining about the leaks when they happen. You should know better. Christina Aguilera is the latest victim of the stupidity bug that seems to render hot female celebs completely incapable of making smart decisions. There private photos never stay private. Of course, one has to think that in this case, that’s what was expected. I mean, it’s Christina Aguilera. Being hot and half naked boosted her career before. The main difference between then and now is back then she was super hot and people actually cared about seeing her naked. Now it’s all old news. The girl still looks hot though and her voice is still one of the best in the business. What she needs to do now is stop focusing on slutting it up and start focusing on making music people actually want to listen to. Put your clothes on and hit the studio, lady.

Christina Aguilera Christina Aguilera Christina AguileraChristina Aguilera Christina Aguilera


  • Ah, but if they stopped taking their clothes off, taking photos and putting them online, you’d be out of business. Now think about that one!

  • Ah, wise words, El Duce. And I do enjoy this business. And I suppose if they didn’t do this sort of stuff, we’d have to wait for the inevitable Playboy spread that they’ll do when their career is in the toilet.

  • Hehe, yeah. Or that, ‘Whoops, how did I accidentally leak this by uploading it to 880 different web servers’ sex tape they’ll inevitably do.