written by Wanda

Christina Aguilera Owns Her Curves.

I’m not always a huge fan of how “made up” Christina Aguilera looks most of the time but I also recognize that’s the look she wants and I have to give her credit for going with it. This is a woman who knows who she is and what she wants and I respect that endlessly. I’m not a huge fan of her new single but like to many of her other singles, it’s really starting to grow on me. I’m excited for her new work. I’m going to miss her next season on “The Voice” (if I decide to tune in) because I think the show really needs her personality but I have high hopes for Shakira and apparently, “The Voice” is willing to let Christina come back down the road when her schedule is a little less hectic. I look forward to that.


  • Christina is hot. I have always loved her. She does have some good curves, and she is proud of how her body looks. She is a true woman who knows what true beauty is. I have never watched her on The Voice but I am sure she does bring something to the show.

  • she is hot

  • Wait, what? Seriously, what? When did she get so skinny again? Or are these really old pics. Someone clarify please.

  • Never mind. I just realized they’re from 2006. Makes sense. She needs to get it back together.

  • It does not matter that these are from 2006 she is still a good looking gal. She does still have her curves. I have seen her on the Voice and yes I will miss her tremendously on there. She is a great person.