written by Wanda

Christina Aguilera Showing Off Her Curves.

I am a huge Christina Aguilera fan. She has one of the most incredible voices in the music industry today – a total powerhouse. Somehow though, no one seems willing to focus on her music these days. Everything is all about how muuch weight she’s gained. What a shame. While I’m not loving these pictures as much as I’d like to, that has nothing to do with Christina’s body and everything to do with her hair. Sorry Christina – just not a good look for you. These pictures from the set of her new music video do hit the mark in at least one respect – they make me super excited for a new music from my favorite pop singer. Can’t wait!


  • now that’s a real women, what a babe, what a figure, great curves, i love women who are built like her, she is gorgeous always liked her

  • Wow look at that ass on that. She looks amazing. Curves are so hot to me, and this gal has them. I was always a Christina fan but now I am really a fan. Beauty voice and beautiful body. GO baby.

  • incredible looking women, so beautiful and with one of the most outstanding figures iv seen! That ass is just awesome and those amazing legs are just so sexy, CA is just a total babe

  • Christina is not doing it for me in these photos. She has an aweful taste in dresses here. It looks like something a street walker would wear. I will agree she has wonderful curves, but please pick a different outfit.

  • I like Christina but, she’s shaped like a penguin now. Not a good look.

  • my ideal women for sure, great figure

  • she is pretty, she has a great body, that ass is great and the legs, she is stunning, love nice meaty thighs, so curvy love it, great caps

  • great ass and thighs, proper women

  • look at that big ass damn she fine