written by Wanda

Christina Milian Is Sexy In White

I am a big Christina Milian fan. I think she’s gorgeous, talented and has this killer confidence that is just absolutely magnetic. It doesn’t matter what she’s wearing. She always looks great. I am a particularly big fan of the look she’s rocking in these shots, snapped outside Bootsy Bellows in Hollywood. It flatters her beautifully and shows off all of her finest features. Christina has always struck me as a very down to earth sort of woman and I like that. All in all, these shots are fantastic. I don’t think I could love this woman more.


  • she is so pretty

  • pretty…. but, sexy???

  • she is not sexy?, very sexy, just look at that babe

  • she is sex on legs, totally yummy, she is really great looking and her body is prefect, really nice

  • good looking girl, nice figure