written by Wanda

Christina Milian Is Super Sexy And Her Friends Are Too.

Once upon a time, a very foolish person told me attractive women only hang out with unattractive women so they’ll seem even more attractive in comparison. I never bought it. Well, maybe with a few, very insecure women but for the most part, women, attractive or not, aren’t nearly that catty. Christina Milian is proof of that, as if proof was really needed. Here she is hanging out being gorgeous with her gorgeous friends and there doesn’t seem to be even a hint of jealousy among them. Perhaps that’s why I like these pictures so much. More likely though, I like these pictures so much because I love Christina Milian and I like seeing her looking so happy.


  • Christina looks amazing here. She almost reminds me of a mermaid in the photos of her at the bottom. She is sexy and yes her friends are as well. She must party in style.

  • I have always liked her a lot she is very sexy lady, very pretty and a great body, they are all very hot yes

  • she is stunning

  • one of the hottest women- so fine looking and her body is banging

  • i would worship her body, she is such a fox, to be honest all the girls are very nice