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Christina Milian Looking Purttyyy In Miami

Guess who’s wearing white and looking might pretty in Miami? It’s Christina Milian! The singer slash producer slash song writer recently graced the Bacardi B-Live concert in Miami, Florida. Her presence sure was an added bonus for everyone who was there! The beautiful Christina was oh-so-fashionable at the red carpet – dressed in a white dress, fancy shoes, huge hoop earrings and of course, to-die-for sunglasses! She sure was lookin’ fineeee. What do you think?

Christina Milian

Bacardi B-Live concert Christina Milian sunglasses song writer fashionable Christina Milian fancy shoes beautiful Christina Milian Christina Milian 7.jpg Christina Milian 8.jpg Christina Milian 9.jpg Christina Milian 10.jpg Christina Milian 11.jpg Christina Milian 12.jpg Christina Milian 13.jpg Christina Milian 14.jpg

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  • check out those calf muscles! awesome legs


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