written by Wanda

Christina Milian Tries To Keep It Covered Up At The Beach.

In all honesty, Christina Milian has one of my all time favorite nip slips. I believe it happened backstage at “The Voice” but I could be wrong. I just remember seeing that her whole boobie fell out of her shirt. I would’ve felt bad for her had I thought she was that concerned about it. I really don’t think she was. She just doesn’t seem like the type of woman that’s hung up on that sort of thing. These pictures of her with her daughter in Miami are proof of that. She seems like a confident woman who is comfortable in her own skin. While I don’t think she’d let a nip slip out of her bikini or her boob pop out of her shirt on purpose, I don’t think she gets all embarrassed if it were to happen. I like this girl even though I found her irritating on “The Voice”. That probably had more to do with the show than her though.


  • Very nice nip on #13

  • love this curvy babe,, great figure, so pretty