written by Wanda

Christina Milian With Daughter Violet

Remember all that drama between Christina Milian and The Dream, her ex-husband and the father of her baby? There were rumors that he cheated and everyone, myself included, wondered why in the hell anyone would cheat on Christina Milian? We might remember the drama, but Christina sure seems to have put it behind her. She looks gorgeous and more than that, she looks happy. Hitting the beach with daughter, Violet, she looks comfortable and she looks like she’s having fun – enjoying her day out and enjoying her time with her daughter. I love this girl and also, kudos to her for bucking the celebrity trend and naming her child something normal.


  • Maybe she’s put the drama behind her, maybe she hasn’t (it can take time especially when you have a child together), but good riddance to a bad dream (pun intended). She’s better off without him.

    She does look beautiful, happy and very relaxed in the pictures. Her little girl’s really cute too.

  • I love the tats that she has. Looks great.
    Her baby is very cute. It is too bad that it did not work out between the Dream and herself. But at least she could put it behind her and have a great life with Violet.