written by Wanda

Christine Bleakley In Stripped Bikini

Television host and former Strictly Come Dancing contestant Christine Bleakley hit the beaches of Sardinia in a black and white bikini to show the whole world exactly why footballer, Frank Lampard is such a lucky, lucky man. Not only does she have a killer body, but she has a killer sense of humor which she put on full display at Channel 4’s Comedy Gala where she debuted her stand up comedy. Then again, this woman could have all the personality of a wet paper bag and men everywhere would still be clamoring for a few minutes of her time when she puts that glorious ass on display; which she certainly has no trouble doing. Some would say she’d do anything for attention and sure that might be true, but with a body like that, we’ll be glad to give her what she wants.

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  • nice bikini pics from behind..

    • She is fucking sexy i would bang her right up her ass

  • hot momma i like her, great figure on this babe, not seen her in person I have seen a few presenters and stuff well hot milfs like Clare Nasir and Carol Kirkwood, uk babes

  • seen her in person she is nice, had skirt and heels on, she is taller too went right by her she was basically same height as me which surprises me I am like 5 11 she did have heels on tho she must be 5’8 or something though.

    Great looking and a nice body too, I remember always watching her on daybreak awful it was but she always showed her nice legs off, she isa bit of cock teaser but classy too

  • enjoy jerking off to her, she hot

  • yh, seen her on shows here presenting she is gorgeous obviously has great body, not seen her in perosn i wish tho lol, seen georgie thompson in person too and she is yummy yummy, was a shock to see her tho she is soooooooo tiny bet she is 5 feet at best on shows when she presents like sky sports news etc always big heels no wonder didn’t realise she was so short,

    Andrea Mclean is a milf too but my girlfriend was watching loose women and I Was like annoying women, fit birds but annoying personalities

  • she is so fit, easy on the eyes and has a great body, some great legs, some presenters of the top of my head that have great legs are Sarah Jane mee, Haylie Mcqueen both sky sports news babe, georgie thompson and natalie sawyer all women I wish were on here topless.

    I would add Vicky Gomersell too she is a real babe too, seen her in person so many times, around her local area in cheltenham she actually has a kid so is a wonderful milf, she has some of the best tits really but she is a nice women too which is good to see,

  • she is quite a fittie even if she is kinda annoying, she is like a girl next door type that makes her more attractive in some ways, she is in great shape though

  • we need Louise Minchin and Sally Nugent on here, pls

  • christine, remember always thinking she was well fit when watching her on morning tele presenting, she has great legs on her, outstanding body, pretty much all women who present on tv are fit women with great bodies so its not hard to believe.

    sexy women, I agree on sally nugent though, wow

  • she is nice, we need susanna reid on here, she is a milf, nicer than the other names mentioned, great figure on her, lovely legs

  • nice lady, I agree on susanna reid, she has great pins, she always wears low cut skirts showing off her great legs when presenting she is just like christine Bleakley a cock teaser.

  • Susanna Reid has a great curvy body agreed, nice leg same as Bleakley, Id smash both of them anyday of the week, Clare Nasir is a hottie too