written by Wanda

Christine Hallauer Poses For A Sexy Lingerie Shoot

I don’t know much about sports. I’ve just never really gotten into that whole deal. I have an appreciation for boxing, martial arts and mixed martial arts but only really because it’s the only sport I’ve ever been any good at. With that said, I’ve never really gotten into watching any of those sports which is likely a big part of the reason I’m not familiar with the beauty that is Christine Hallauer. This stunning Australian is currently ONE Fighting Championship’s resident ring girl and it isn’t hard to see why she was chosen. She’s so very smoking hot. While a lot of other fight promoters get more attention than ONE FC, many feel that will change. They’re currently the biggest fight promoter in Asia and with the addition of Christine as ring girl, they’re sure to get even more favorable attention.


  • perfect face, so pretty and her body is stunning she is insanely gorgeous.

  • now that is a very sexy women, so nice looking, awesome boobs, could look at her all day

  • pretty