written by irene

Ciara Gets Her 1-2 Step Up

Singer Ciara (are she and Bow Wow still together or something?) recently projected quite an image during the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network’s Fifth Annual Action Awards in New York City (whew, that was a mouthful!) Wouldn’t you agree that she looks classy in this number? I’m not feeling the very heavy eye makeup and color of lipstick, though, but Ciara makes up for it by letting us take a peek of her cleavage and shapely legs. Click for more of Ciara as she gets her 1,2 step up!


Network's Fifth Ciara lipstick Ciara legs Ciara 4.jpg Ciara 5.jpg Ciara 6.jpg Ciara 7.jpg Ciara 8.jpg


  • total beauty. amazing legs, my perfect women

  • great legs, ideal women, she has a great body

  • ste69, agree with you mate, she is perfect, ideal women, her looks and body are wonderful, love women like her


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