written by Wanda

Ciara Has Lunch On Melrose

I sometimes forget how absolutely stunning Ciara is. This woman is a beauty but for some reason, she always slips to the back of my mind. I think the thing I like most about her is the fact that she doesn’t have to be wearing some sort of elaborate get-up to look fabulous. She can hit the street in a simple t-shirt style dress and make it look glamorous. Out to dinner at Phillipe restaurant on Melrose, Ciara doesn’t look like she’s spent three hours getting ready. She looks like she got hungry, threw something on and headed out to eat. She makes beauty look easy. Am I jealous? Yes. Yes I am. If I wanted to look that good it would take a whole lot more than three hours and the help of skilled professionals. Love Ciara. Gorgeous girl.

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  • beautiful face , great voice , so talented , and then add the ass, im pterty sure i would destroy the entire universe 2x to smother my face in that. thats the ass of all asses ,