written by Wanda

Ciara Looks Smoking Hot, As Usual.

Man, I have to tell you, Ciara is just absolutely stacked. That body is just ridiculous. I have to admit the leg muscles kind of freak me out a little bit but the girl looks good regardless. Here at the “Got Me Good” video debut party in New York, Ciara has chosen the perfect dress for her body. It flatters her in ever way. To be honest though, I’m not sure there’s anything she wouldn’t look fantastic in. I haven’t seen the video as of yet but I’m not sure I need to. My guess? It features Ciara looking smoking hot and showing off her body to a song that would probably get stuck in my head for a month. No complaints here. I love this woman.


  • OMG I love love love those shoes. She looks great in the dress as well. And look at those calves! She is toned there by far. She has great hair and is just so pretty. Thanks for the wonderful photos.

  • yes, I love this women Ciara she is a stunning women, very pretty with a great body, damn she is stacked, great legs on her, glad you have her lgs on show here, great ass too, She did a video with 50 cent and there were awesome shots of her body, ass and legs especially.

    she is perfect imo

  • ideal women, she has best body, those legs are great, love them wrapped around me, amazing meaty legs on this sexy babe

  • now that folks is a real women with a real sexy figure, full curves, great thick sexy legs, just look at those legs wooooooow, so strong, id tear that up , the things I would want to do with this women I cant say she is smoking hot

  • great legs wow look at her, she has a banging body

  • Clara…..who? Backname? She is really stunnning;)

    • She just goes by Ciara … like Cher and Madonna. She’s a musician. Check out her songs on YouTube. She’s got some pretty good ones – really hot videos too. She is a beautiful, beautiful woman, for sure.