written by Wanda

Ciara Shows Off Her Killer Body

Ciara knows how to put on a killer show. That much is abundantly clear from these photos. Also abundantly clear? She has a killer, killer body. That tummy of hers is so tight and toned, it’s obvious Ciara spends a lot of time working on it. Why not show it off? Both outfits she’s rocking here are fantastic. I love the red carpet look and I love the performance look. If I had to choose a favorite, I’d probably go with the performance look because it’s the kind of style I find most appealing and because I don’t feel like my life will be complete until I have a pair of shoes like the ones she’s wearing with the performance outfit.

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  • ciara is gorgeous, pretty much has it all, she is very nice looking, has a great body, i love her ass and legs, she is wonderful