written by Wanda

Cindy Crawford Is Still So Very Hot

Cindy Crawford was the first model I fell in love with. I must’ve been about twelve and I saw the magazine cover she with with KD Lang. Cindy was in this little black bathing suit, had her head all tilted back and had KD’s head back against his crazy stacked chest. KD was all lathered up in shaving cream and Cindy was pretending to shave her. That image is burned into my memory as one of the hottest things my young eyes had ever seen. Here in Cabo San Lucas, Cindy is strutting it on the beach and although you can see her age a very little bit, for a woman of 45, she looks absolutely incredible. To be honest, she looks damn good for a woman of any age. Cindy is still, even after all these years, one of the most beautiful women in the world. I absolutely love her.


  • If I didn’t know she was Cindy Crawford, I’d place her as a woman in her 30s. Like you said, she looks good, period. She’s probably used to taking real good care of herself what with all those years of modelling, and that’s paid off in her 40s.

  • I used to have that Vanity Fair magazine, but I never got the reason for the shaving thing…still really hot though.

    • I seem to recall KD said it was a fantasy of hers or something to that effect.

  • I know I won’t have body like that 20 years later, but if I come close to her awesome body I am happy ;) ;)