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Cindy Margolis Booby-licious

She may be considered “old” (42) by many but the world’s “most downloaded woman” Cindy Margolis is still hot, hot, hot! Here she is arriving at Playboy Mansion with a gal pal. I’m sure Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner was delighted to see such beauty with all the right curves! And yes, Cindy wanted everyone to know that her breasts are still perk as ever. The winner of the 2006 Celebrity Cooking Showdown, her partner was famed chef Wolfgang Puck. She wore a very revealing mini dress and sexy silver stilettos. Are you glad that she’s now divorced? Click on more to see all booby-licious pictures.

Cindy Margolis

Cindy Margolis Wolfgang Puck Playboy Mansion Cindy Margolis 4.jpg right curves stilettos hot Cindy Margolis booby-licious Cindy Margolis Playboy

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  • She looks like a worn out whore.