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Cindy Margolis In Playboy July 2008

Cindy Margolis is promoting her feature in Playboy, July 2008. She is recently divorced from her ex husband, Guy Sparkman, and is going all out to re-establish her career. She has offered herself as a date for one lucky person who wins her organized sweepstakes. The date would be to Hugh Hefner’s ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ Party at the Playboy Mansion. Cindy has also written a book called; “Having a Baby… when the Old-Fashioned Way Isn’t Working: Hope and Help for Everyone Facing Infertility.” She told her story of how she obtained her 3 children.

Cindy Margolis

Cindy Margolis in Playboy Cindy Margolis promotes Playboy Playmate Hugh Hefner Cindy Margolis is playboy bunny Cindy Margolis 6.jpg Cindy Margolis 7.jpg Cindy Margolis 8.jpg Cindy Margolis 9.jpg Cindy Margolis 10.jpg Cindy Margolis 11.jpg sexy Cindy Margolis


  • well she can hide them on those pics. But i’ll buy that Playboy to see how they look like =D

  • She was on the Playboy cover for like 10 times. I can’t see any reason for buying it.

  • well if u insist i wont buy it :c

  • Cindy Margolis should be proud of what Playboy offered to her.


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