written by Wanda

Classic Sheryl Crow Photo Shoot Shows Off Her Sexy Side.

Sheryl Crow isn’t always recognized for her physical attributes but I think she should be. I don’t think she necessarily fits into the traditional definition of beauty but I also think the traditional definition of beauty is changing. In this older photoshoot (it looks to me like it may have been from the “Globe Sessions” days but I might be wrong), Sheryl looks incredible. To be fair though, I’ve always found her beautiful so maybe I’m biased. I think a big part of Sheryl’s appeal, to me at least, is her talent and her honesty with her music. Some of her songs (“I Shall Believe”, “Home”, “Always On Your Side” and “God Bless This Mess”, come to mind) feel like personal confessions, like she’s opening up to the listener and telling them something personal about her life. So yes, back to the point. I’m probably a little bit biased here because of how I feel about Sheryl but I think she looks absolutely gorgeous in these photos.

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