written by Wanda

Claudia Galanti Knows How To Rock A Bikini

Until this post came up, I had no idea that Claudia Galanti existed. I feel sad about that somehow. My research into this beautiful woman has turned up, well, not a whole lot. Apparently she’s a model who appeared on the seventh season of the Italian version of “Celebrity Survivor”. I just wrote a post moments ago about another lovely lady who appeared on the show as well, although in an earlier season, which leads me to wonder if I should check this show out. I don’t speak Italian but perhaps there’s a version with subtitles? Or perhaps I could just watch because they seem to cast some incredibly beautiful women. I think that’s reason enough to tune in.

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  • You’re funny! You feel sad about it somehow! Why? :-)

    Dry your eyes, my friend. Rejoice in the fact that you now know she exists.

    She is beautiful, but personally I would have preferred to have seen her eyes first, not her body. That’s just me though.