written by Wanda

Claudia Galanti Still Looking Sexy On Her Bikini Beach Vacation.

Ah Claudia Galanti – so gorgeous, so willing to show off her body whenever the opportunity presents itself. Can’t say I’ve got a problem with that, obviously. Claudia’s bikini pics are among my favorites and not just because of this set but because of all the bikini pics we’re treated to of her. This woman just knows how to rock a bikini like nobody’s business. Every time I see her name on my assignment list I know two things. 1) She’s probably wearing a bikini and 2) She looks absolutely smoking hot. These photos are, of course, no exception. Just look at the woman – incredible. I think my favorite though is the jean shorts and t-shirt picture. The bikini pics are sexy and all but there’s something about that snap that appeals to me in a completely different way.


  • the top pic is the best great cap of her nice ass and the side boob love her boobs hanging out, nothing better than a women strapless, get them out ladies

  • she is so fit

  • tits awesome

  • very nice pics here, jesus she has a great body, very sexy looking love the top pic too with her lying flat wth no bra on shame we dont get a better view of her boobs

  • great boobs and ass, id like to be on top of her