written by Wanda

Claudia Romani Always Looks Stunning

There are a few girls I write about here on a regular basis that I can write a post about without even looking at the photos. Claudia Romani is one of these women. Before I even open the photos, I know she’s going to look incredible. I also know she’s likely going to be wearing a bikini. I like that about her. I rarely see photos of this woman dressed in anything more than swimwear which leads me to believe she never wearing anything other than swimwear. If I looked like here, I doubt I would wear much more than a bikini either. Of course I always still look at the photos. It would be silly not to. Why deprive myself the chance to feast on my eyes on a lovely sight like this one?┬áIn these photos from Miami, Claudia is looking every bit as sexy as I always expect her to look. Another set of great photos of this exceptionally beautiful lady.

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