written by Wanda

Claudia Romani Bikini Pics.

I’m not really sure what’s going on in these photos of Claudia Romani but I am sure she looks fantastic so I guess I’m happy. I’m going to go right ahead and assume these were shot as some sort of a promotional campaign or something and I’m guessing the company being promoted has something to do with racing based on the jacket she’s wearing in some of the photos. What’s the bikini about in the other photos, then? Not really sure but hey – she looks good so does the reason really matter? I think Claudia has a fantastic body. If I’m being honest, I have to admit she’s not one of my favorite celebs but I do like her and I do find her attractive so that has to count for something.


  • she is very prety and a nice body , nice ass and gorgeous legs, this women is smoking hot

  • Wow she is very hot and good looking. I love what she is wearing. Looks very sophisticated in a way if you ask me. She has a great face and a killer body as well. Love these photos.

  • that ass is marvelous

  • she loves showing off her sexy body what a lady