written by Wanda

Claudia Romani Endorses President Obama With Her Butt.

Take that Mitt Romney. You might have Jenna Jameson and (sometimes) Lindsay Lohan but Obama? He has Claudia Romani’s sweet behind. Is there really a better way for a woman like Claudia to show her support for her candidate than to slap his name the one place she knows everyone is going to be looking? The only thing that could make her intention more clear would be slapping the words “President” on her left bikini top cup and “Barack” on the right one. Here in Miami, Claudia is doing a lot more than using her ass a political platform. She’s also looking smoking hot as she does it. All in all, these pictures have awesome written all over them to me. Maybe I’d feel different if I were backing Romney.


  • damn what an ass on this chick, she would get wrecked

  • holy cow, what a gorgeous girl her batty is out of this world, some ass