written by Wanda

Claudia Romani Lets Her Ass Hang Out In Miami

I love Claudia Romani so I therefore love these photos snapped of her in Miami. At first, I was a little concerned for the questionable fashion choice but as I investigated further and realized she was on the beach and not in fact letting her bare butt hang out on the sidewalk, I felt much better about the whole thing. I don’t like bikini coverups that look like actual dresses. It’s confusing and I don’t need any help getting confused. I do that perfectly fine all on my own, thank you very much. Anyway, so that’s Claudia Romani’s ass and it’s a pretty awesome sight. I can’t get enough Claudia, in all honesty. She’s definitely one of my favorite celebs at the moment.



  • Love to hug her

  • love to do more than hug her, what a sexy women

  • superb ass shots of a sexy women I need to go to Miami