written by Wanda

Claudia Romani Plays Soccer In Her Panties For Some Reason

Sometimes it’s best to not look for the deeper meaning behind something. These photos are a good example of why. I have no idea why Claudia Romani is playing soccer in her panties but I’m so happy that she is. If I had those legs and that ass, I might never wear pants again. They’re just such a pain, aren’t they? All that pulling up, buttoning or zipping. And then you’ve just got to do it all over again when you need the washroom. Pointless and annoying. Of course, I don’t have legs like Claudia’s (although I am pretty confident that my ass could turn a few heads) so I shall continue wearing pants. Plus, wearing your undies in public is generally frowned upon so there’s that too.



  • Could we please see this ass you speak of so we can judge for ourselves ? ;)

    • I’m not that brave, my friend. :)

  • she sure loves showing off her body that great ass and amazing legs she is great all over though, if women all did this would be a great wow, she looks stunning