written by Wanda

Claudia Romani Shows Off Her Body In Miami Beach

Claudia Romani is one of those women I’m not really familiar with but adore anyway. Working for this site, I often have to write about women I don’t really know much about. Claudia is one of those women. The first time I posted about her, i was struck by her beauty. She’s got an incredible body and a beautiful face. I’m a sucker for brunettes so maybe i’m a bit biased. Since that first post, I’ve had the opportunity to write about her a number of times and each time, I’ve been taken by her a little more. Not it’s a full on girl crush. That’s why it pains me to say I’m not a huge fan of these Claudia Romani photos from Miami Beach. She looks great, especially from behind but there’s something about these particular shots that doesn’t really get me the way her photos normally do. In any event, she still looks hot so I can’t complain too much. I’m sure I’ll be back to loving her just as much as I usually do when the next photo set pops up.


  • she is very fit still, tight outfit showing off her legs

  • this women has an awesome body