written by Wanda

Coco Austin Actually Looks Pretty Good Here

By now, most of you know I have very little patience for the likes of Coco Austin. She’s trashy, full of herself and, apparently, completely incapable of putting clothes on. All of those qualities turn me off in a big way. As I look at these shots though, I’m finding it very hard to care about her personality. She looks stunning in these ones and I’m a little taken aback by that. I don’t know what to think. My whole world has been turned upside down. Well, maybe not but it’s definitely a little weirder. Is this the beginning of a new trend for me? Am I actually going to start liking Coco now? Doubt it but let’s just stick with the positive vibe for now.


  • man what a women, awesome body, well stacked, huge ass, great big knockers, she might be trashy but I would love to have a women like her in my bed

  • ice t is a lucky sob, what a great ass

  • I would destroy her in every way

  • Hi… Baby. What a fleshy butt. I am also a young college going girl. I love to watch sexy butt. You know I am always proud of my Huge butt. Every one in the college loves to see my huge butt. Even my Boy friend loves my buttock more than my face. Really , I feel very sexy and excitement when every one on the Road gaze at my buttock anxiously…. The most secret thing is that I love and love annal sex. I think due to annal sex my buttock has been very very attractive and hot. Thanks


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