written by Wanda

CoCo Austin Has Giant Boobs

I get why people are so in lust with CoCo. She has giant boobs, a giant ass and she doesn’t mind showing either of those things off. At the same time, I can also see why people don’t like her. I happen to be one of those people. CoCo just seems to be so incredibly into herself. Her entire life seems to be a photo op. I guess that’s not really all that unusual. Look at almost any of the reality television celebrities and you’ll see the same thing. I guess my problem with CoCo is that she seems to over exaggerate. I love big boobs as much as the next girl (all girls like to look at big boobs, right) but CoCo’s are just a little too big. Her ass is a little too round. She looks like someone’s over inflated everything. It just doesn’t look natural to me, but whatever. People like here so here are some pictures of her half naked on the beach. Enjoy!


  • stunning, tit wank pls followed by anal

  • I do not see what people think is so special about Coco. I mean yes she has big boobs and a huge ass but that is about all. She needs to get a suit that fits her properly so she is not digging it out of her ass and it is not falling off her boobs.

  • lou that’s why most guys find her so appealing, great rack and ass, thats all a women needs, pussy is pussy and i would rail her but then I’d bang a fat bitch

  • I had sex with a fat girl recently and the sex was immense, doing it from behind was ewsome seeing it all jiggle but it all depends, pussy is pussy as you say and I have had skinny, chubby and thick girls to me its no big deal, i would pump her hard but then id smash most women regardless of their bodies.

    sex is sex, would you really down a shag if it was offered to you on a plate, some would but most wouldn’t