written by Wanda

Coco Austin Is Not My Cup Of Tea

No pun intended, I swear. Anyway, I get why people like Nicole ‘Coco’ Austin so much. She’s a beautiful woman and she’s got the kind of body many men go wild for but she just doesn’t really do anything for me, personally. I don’t even really know why. I guess it’s the way she poses sometimes. This is a hot woman that knows she’s a hot woman and wants to show you she’s a hot woman as often as possible. There’s really nothing wrong with that per say. I just find women sexier when they aren’t trying so hard. With all that said, I can say with 100% certainty that this photoshoot in Las Vegas is nearly enough to make me change my mind. I really like some of these photos. I think the first shot is absolutely stunning. I love her pose and the way she’s looking over her shoulder without actually looking at the camera. I also really like the fourth picture and the last picture. The others aren’t bad either. I’m not sure what it is about these photos but Coco doesn’t look quite as disproportionate as she normally does. While I won’t say these shots are enough to make me like her, they are enough to make me think I may have been at least a little wrong about her.


  • Even though she does try exceptionally hard. She still deserves the fullphathomofarockhrdquiveringpokearoni

  • men like her because of the body simple, those tits and ass, I work with women who show cleavage when I am there what do you think I am looking at, we all do it