written by Ann

Coco & Ice-T At Halloween Party

Coco and her husband, Ice-T, were at Club Plumm on Friday night, Halloween, Oct. 31. Coco’s Halloween costume was a cat woman wile Ice-T’s costume was the Black Punisher. The couple did a semi-erotic skit on humpin’ and yankin’. The show and tell was quite amusing for some of the tabloids. Do you like their costumes? One woman turned up in blue body paint and was almost topless. The blue paint was scary.


Halloween Party Ice-T Coco at Club Plumm Coco ass Coco is erotic Coco is hot Coco enjoys it Coco 8.jpg Coco 9.jpg Coco is performing Coco 12.jpg Coco 13.jpg Hot Celebrity Coco 15.jpg Busty Coco


  • What a booty!

  • those legs look so strong