written by Wanda

Coronation Street Beauty Michelle Keegan In A Bikini.

I’ve never really watched “Coronation Street”. My mother and grandmother used to watch but I never really got into it. After seeing these photos of Michelle Keegan though, I think I may have to give it another shot. In these photos from St Vincent, Michelle is looking absolutely ridiculous in the best possible way. Her body is unbelievable. She definitely knows how to rock a bikini. She looks like she’s having a terrific time as well which I always like seeing. While her tight, toned body definitely stands out in these photos, I think my favorite part of them is her smile. That is a smile to remember. Yes, I think my mind is made up. I’m going to have to tune into Coronation Street again, even if only to see Michelle. Hard to believe Max George of The Wanted let a busy schedule get in the way of his relationship with this stunner.

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