written by Wanda

Courteney Cox Hits The Beach Again

If this is how Courtney Cox deals with the breakup of her marriage, I’ll take it. I liked Courtney and David together. He’s fun in a slightly-less-crazy-than-Charlie-Sheen sort of way and they seemed to be so in love. I think she’s handling the split pretty well, judging by these pictures anyway. Many women going through a tough break up gain weight and generally look like hell. Nothing against the ladies, here. Men do it just as much. Clearly that isn’t a problem for Courtney, though. She is, however, sparking rumors that she and her co-star are a little more than friends. I’m not sure that’s such a bad thing. He’s a babe. She’s a babe. It makes sense.


  • PRESS…..Sonia FORDINI nata il 2 Gennaio 1968, parto gemellare, ha già 43 anni Adottata in Liguria Cerca Parente e parenti …..,mai vista persona Gemella.
    Cerca Papà e Mamma mai conosciuti!???

    • Mi scuso, Giovanni, ma non parlo molto italiano. Non sono sicuro di quello che 43 anni, due gemelli e l’adozione hanno a che fare con Courtney Cox.