written by Ann

Courteney Cox’s Hot Kicks

These photos showed Courtney Cox when she arrived at the “Late Show With David Letterman” taping at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City. She looked great with minimal makeup. Her black dress had me confused for a while since it looked like a coat with buttons down the front. She had tall, killer heels that were strappy and sexy. I think they made her leg muscles arch too much as they showed the strain. Ohhh … the things that women did to make themselves look good!

Courteney Cox

Late Show With David Letterman Theater in New York City Courteney Cox makeup Courteney Cox legs Ed Sullivan Theate Courteney Cox 6.jpg Courteney Cox 7.jpg Courteney Cox 8.jpg Courteney Cox 9.jpg Courteney Cox 10.jpg Courteney Cox 11.jpg Courteney Cox 12.jpg Courteney Cox 13.jpg Courteney Cox 14.jpg


  • with legs as good as these all she can do is show them off! she has always had outstanding legs go girl

  • wow she has super hot muscular legs!

  • she is lovely