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Courtney Love Shows Her Style

Courtney Love has a fantastic figure and she knew that. She flaunted her wonderful form in a short, skimpy summer dress and leggings. Her black shoes had heels so high that she looked as if she was wearing ballet shoes and standing on tippy toes. I wish she could quit dragging on her cigarette. It is not healthy or glamorous to puff away. It would be tough to quit the smokes but they have rehab for that.

Courtney Love

Courtney Love has a style Courtney Love should go back to rehab Courtney Love 3.jpg Courtney Love 4.jpg Courtney Love 5.jpg Courtney Love 6.jpg Courtney Love 7.jpg Courtney Love 8.jpg


  • who is other girl?

  • How is it possible that Courtney Love looks worse than Kurt Cobain?

  • tc22: wasn’t this from Roast of Pamela Anderson?

  • is it 1995 again?

  • Good guessing Maria :)

  • 95? Did Roland Mouret do Origami mega expensive “RM” lines in 95? Was Laboutin even around in 95? ( i honestly dont know)
    Was Alber designing Lanvin in 95?
    the girl is wearing, lets see…….3k for the dress, 1500 for the shoes, 3 bucks for the leggings, Lanvin jewelry, 3k- and if those are extensions probably 8k worth of hair, plus S class Mercedes and Driver? hmmm. Well no i dont think it IS actually 1995, and that appears to be “Dirty Harry” in either Rodarte or Laboutin shoes and …im stunned i dont know the purview of that dress, but im sure its La Love’s it aint Forever 21, oh and lets see, Chanel Aviators and Lanvin shades…1k a piece…is there a recession? if so Courtney doesn’t seem to notice. I for one and i speak for many cannot wait for her record, wich finally appears to after 3 years of waiting since she started to be coming out after the summer , produced I have been told by a reliable source by Micheal Beinhorn who produced her fabulous “Celebrity Skin” and also a favorite CD of mine the Mew CD.
    I know she gave it a whack with Linda Perry – she of “Four Non Blondes” and ”
    Beautiful” and Pink and Stefani ( arrgh! “Rich Girl” was horrific enough but then that “Lonely Goatherd” thing did in fact drive me nuts for real, not to mention the bloated faux “Rawk” songs on L.A.M.B, in fact Gwen kind of gives me a major rash , not La Love, La Love WONT shut up , WONT go away, and i expect nothing less than sheer brilliance as always from her when she finally- as she’s not the most prolific artist ever- releases the thing , and im very relieved she did’nt gp t through with the Perry release, i think throwing Courtney to the “mainstream”is stupid and she wouldn’t be happy and it wouldn’t work. , and i dont know Perry , but her track record speaks for her as far as pop music goes. La Love is not called “The Queen of Rock” by most for no reason, not “The Queen of Pop” she’s simply not the Queen of Pop, i cannot even imagine, but i love that she’s the only celeb with the balls to wear RM, ive seen Posh in one of the dresses but it looked uber tight on her and nothing like RM , and it was a shot from Europe, She’s wearing a very cool and very daring outfit in LA, and that takes balls in and of itself)

    I’m also a little in shock, having finally sort of heard , not seen “About A Son” wich is Kurt Cobain in his own voice – saying Nirvana’s breaking/broken up and talking about how much he love’s his wife and calling her a “musical genius” and his “reason for living” , yet this wasnt NEWS? he basically calls his other two bandmates out for being asses for wanting money they were not entitled to , wihich I recall Ms Thing had a big old lawsuit about,and heres Cobain Saying It Aloud, and noone reported anything about it.

    Sexism like this never fails to amaze me.

  • Good thinking and some nice facts squalor :)


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