written by Wanda

Courtney Stodden Continues Her Slutty Outfit Tradition

I’ve run out of things to say about “Teen Bride” Courtney Stodden. Does anyone really even care about this girl anymore? Is she still considered a celebrity? I know this girl is doing everything she can to hold on to her fifteen minutes of fame but the clock is running out. She can’t be the “teen bride” much longer and once that schtick wears off, what does she have left? Does she have a talent of some sort? I’m guessing her talent is being hot and being more than willing to be as trashy as she needs to be to keep cameras flashing but there’s a shelf life to that kind of fame and it isn’t a long one. In these photos from Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills, Courtney isn’t showing us anything we haven’t seen a million times before. Here’s a tip, Courtney – you want to be famous for real? Develop a talent. Take some acting classes. Learn to play an instrument. Depend on something other than your body to get people’s attention. Using your body to make people pay attention isn’t just desperate, it’s sad. People might grow to like you, and even respect you, if you did something worth liking or respecting.


  • Why is she wearing SO much padding up top? It’s causing her breasts to look saggy

  • so trashy, I am more interested in that fine looking women behind her, she looks a bit of a milf