written by Wanda

Courtney Stodden Is All Class

Boy, Courtney Stodden is one class act, isn’t she. These pictures from LA might be shocking if they featured anyone other than the “teen bride” but since they are of this particular no talent celebrity, they’re really just more of the same. We get it. You know you’re hot and you think showing off your body will make people love you. I’m sure it works on some people but most of us just think you’re trashy. You’re worse than trashy, actually – you’re shamelessly trashy. I will be incredibly surprised if this woman isn’t staring in porn by year’s end. I’d be even more shocked if it was porn worth watching. I mean, why spend money to see Courtney Stodden naked when you can pretty much see it for free every time someone photographs her going out for groceries. This woman makes me feel sad for what celebrity culture has become. Remember when a person had to be talented to be famous? Yeah, me neither.

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