written by Wanda

Courtney Stodden Is Wearing Less Makeup – Still Looks Like A Super Skank.

Seriously – how much longer until we’re done with this girl. If you stop paying attention to it, it will go away. ‘Teen Bride’ Courtney Stodden is like a scab that you just can’t help picking at. You know that if it leave it alone and let it heal it will go away but you just can’t stop yourself from opening it up all over again. With all that said, I think she looks good here. Yes she’s wearing heels and a bikini to walk her dog, lounge around the yard or do whatever the heck she’s doing in these photos (attention whoring) but she’s also wearing far less makeup than she normally wears. The ‘less makeup’ look works for her. Now someone just needs to tell her she needs to put on some clothes.


  • this girl loves showing off her body she is so tacky, she can do this well if nothing else

  • you know.. If you scroll the page up so you only see her head.. in some of them.. she has a cute face… then you see the rest of her.. and cant help thing… “What a whore!”

  • The girl seems like she would be nice, I think she thinks that the only way for her to succeed in the world is to dress like that, and now that all people know her for now is that she is just a wanna be playmate. And I think there is no coming back from that.