written by Wanda

Courtney Stodden Really Burns My Biscuits

I know I shouldn’t dislike this girl as much as I do but come on. How can I not dislike this girl as much as I do? She’s just so … trashy? Phony? Desperate? But yes, I can’t talk about Courtney without also admitting she’s incredibly attractive. These photos would be super hot if Courtney was on a set somewhere posing for a lingerie shoot but the girl is just strolling down the street with her father husband Doug Hutchison in West Hollywood. Someone needs to tell her that lingerie is meant for the bedroom not a trip to the supermarket. I’m sorry – I want to get past all this but this girl is a child. Someone really needs to step in and be a role model for this girl before the story takes a tragic, but entirely expected, turn.


  • She is the queen of slutty outfits

  • she has such trampy outfits