written by Wanda

Curvaceous Kim Kardashian Hits The Beach

So, I keep having this recurring dream that I’m Kim Kardashian’s personal assistant which is weird for two reasons. One: I’m not a big Kim Kardashian fan. Two: I’ve never personally assisted anyone or had the desire to do so. Still, that’s what my subconscious mind is coming up with. Perhaps that’s my career in some alternate reality. Perhaps I just read online gossip before bed far too often. Regardless, my sleeping self’s boss looks fabulous in these pictures from Miami. Like Jennifer Lopez, Christina Hendrix and Beyonce, Kim has always showed that it’s perfectly fine for a woman to be curvy and entirely possible for a curvy women to look sexy. While I think there are people out there more deserving of the name recognition Kim has, she definitely knows how to rock a bikini and in today’s celebrity culture, that’s all some women really need to do. At least she looks healthy while she does it.


  • She looks gorgeous. She’s a goddess. I wonder who the guy is.

    I sometimes have dreams about celebrities too, usually ones I hardly think about. Maybe you should look it up in a dream dictionary, what it means to dream about a celebrity/famous person.

  • Kim is Looking so Gorgeous and sexy in the Bikini at the beach to enjoy and fun.

  • I wanna fuck her ass

  • My mom is a hardcore kim fan..she is trying to maintain her body like kim..my mom have a great collection of bikini’s and cooler’s.. my mom’s favorate beach is hawaii…we both enjoyed there many times..i jizzed in her body many times without knowing…my whole time wish is,, to fuck her in that beach..

  • I want to fuck my mom..her pussy is sweet pink..

  • I have never much cared for Kim K. It seems that she gets all the attention when her sisters are just as pretty as she is. If not more so. I think that Khloe is the prettiest of them all. She has a great figure and a wonderful face and I would rather look at her than Kim.

  • she is another talentless attention seeker famous for her looks, nothing new there

  • I feel that Kim gets a lot of slack for no reason. She is a gorgeous woman. And she is quite business savvy as well. She is proof that a pretty lady can make some serious cash if she wants to.