written by Wanda

Curvy Aimee Teegarden In Miami

I would like to start this off by declaring my love for Aimee Teegarden. I loved her on ‘Friday Night Lights’. I loved her in ‘Scream 4’. I’m sure I’d love her in ‘Prom’ if I had any intention of seeing it. The girl is adorable. With that said, I’m not really loving her here in Miami. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned, probably about a hundred times, that I love pictures of beautiful girls that look like they’re having fun. Aimee definitely doesn’t look like she’s having fun. Aimee looks kind of miserable, actually. Either she just got some terrible news or she is incredibly uncomfortable with paparazzi attention. Either way, she just doesn’t look like a happy camper and that’s a real shame considering the girl has an adorable smile.


  • Curvy is a euphemism for fat.

    • Take it that way you want, but I like to use the word to describe women than have curves. There are a lot of stick thin women in Hollywood. I prefer girls that actually have hips and boobs. I’ll take a curvy girl over a skinny girl any day of the week.

  • I agree with wanda totally, I love curves and she is nice too

  • i love curves on women too, bit of meat is always so good, better shags too, I fucked a few women who are curvy, wide hips, thick legs the lot and all were great in bed too and gorgeous who cares, I agree with wanda and justin, so good better than skinny in my opinion

  • She is nice yes and I would defo shag her then its not saying much as I fucked a fat chick recently, I love thicker girls too

  • she looks quite fit, nice body, not her best pics wish she was smiling but she is quite cute

  • she is nice looking, nice curves, I would bang her anyday

  • she has a nice body, how people think that is fat is beyond me, we live in a shallow world where everyone thinks you have to be stick thin to be attractive.,